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As you are aware, there have been numerous attacks on the retail tobacconists of Virginia and our customers. Smoking bans, taxation, and a general infringement on the ability of our customers to enjoy the products we offer are now a reality in the state of Virginia.

In response to these attacks, the Cigar Association of Virginia (CAV) has been formed as a political action committee for the retail tobacconists, our customers, and others that have an interest in the products we sell and the businesses that we run.

The primary goals of the Cigar Association of Virginia are:

  • Contest smoking ban legislation in private businesses
  • Battle anti-tobacco legislation, such as the approach to taxation of premium cigars and pipe tobaccos
  • Protect the rights of tobacco shop owners and their customers

This website is your portal for protecting the rights of the retail tobacconists and our customers. Please use this site to contact the organization, and our legislators. Your support is critical in the successful accomplishment of the goals listed above!


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