Thank you to all cigar retailers and aficionados who contacted the Virginia Senate Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee regarding House Bill 2220, which establishes a mixed beverage retail cigar shop license.  This license will permit qualified tobacconists to serve wine, beer, or mixed beverages for on-premise consumption.  Your outreach was a success and the bill has passed committee.  But it is not over yet, we need your continued help.

The full Senate will vote on HB 2220 on Monday February 20.  It is critical to continue to contact state Senators and request support for HB 2220.  Please contact them today and speak about the following benefits:

– Helps in-state retailers compete with neighboring states that already allow this.

– Provides adults a place to enjoy a drink and a cigar which has been greatly reduced since the VA restaurant smoking ban.

– Limits licensure eligibility to only true retail cigar shops